Sunday, May 7, 2017

Owl Canvas

Here is a little owl canvas (10cmx10cm) that I made to take down to the
Fibre Arts workshop. Everyone who attends makes something this size to donate and they go up for sale. The money made from the sales goes toward a scholarship for someone to attend next years event.

Liz Constable Workshop 2017 Small Notebook

Here is another little creation from the workshop I attended held by Liz Constable this year.

Liz Constable Workshop - 2017

A week ago I was very lucky to attend a workshop with Liz Constable from Book ART Studios.  I learnt a great deal about dyeing paper and bookmaking and I meeting some amazing creative women. The book I intended to make in the beginning was a structured formal kind of book with gorgeous papers in it, but Liz was constantly telling us to listen to the book and it would tell us what it would like to be.  So against my better judgement I listened to the book and it was telling me that nature is not structured and formal it is wild and free and is an explosion of colour everywhere you look, especially in the autumn.  Here is the book I made from that workshop. I love the outcome.  the book is full of torn holes looking onto other coloured papers and I even "gasp" did stitching in the book.  Everywhere you look on the pages there are things to catch the eye, pull-outs and tuck-spots and places to put notes. Even with the pieces ripped out there is still a ton of room to write in this book.  I am extremely happy with the outcome and I am very grateful to Liz.

The cover is actual autumn leaves glued to book board and then covered with muslin.  I then made some paper beads out of scraps of paper, twine and cotton and used them on the spine.

I glued dyed paper towels inside the cover and then I added all of the pages.