Sunday, January 31, 2021

Mini Libraries - Faith Pocock Design Team Project

I have been having a great time creating with the MDF projects that Faith has sent as part of her design team kits.  All of Faith's kits can be found here.

This is a simple little project using the blank MDF wood drawers.

To begin assemble the box using a good strong tacky glue. Once the box is assembled glue tissue paper over all sides and back of the box.

Once the tissue was dry I painted everything with black gesso.  I used IO molds and paper clay to make the decorations which I then glued to the box on the sides, back and top of the box.  

I added an old wooden drawer knob on the top and used Peg Dolls from the $2 shop for the legs,

When the clay had dried I painted everything with Verdigris Chalk paint "Blue Bayou". After the chalk paint had dried I did a black wash over the entire piece using watered down gesso.  Then I used Art Alchemy "Brass: was to highlight parts of the molds.

I then made two small books to fit inside the box.  I decorated the covers and spine with metal filigree pieces. I used a hidden spine to attach three signatures of hand dyed paper for a total of 72 pages in each book and the mini library was finished.

Because I enjoyed making these so much I then repeated the process with two more boxes.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Dragon Trophy - Faith Pocock Design Team Project January

 Today I have a fantastic project using a kit from Faith Pocock Craft Studio.  This project can be left simply as it is with just a coat of paint or it can be turned into this handsome fellow............................

Here is the raw MDF project.

I decided that instead of iust painting and then assembling the MDF I wanted something more organic looking.  As usual, part way through this project I was kicking myself for biting off more than I thought I could chew. But I persevered and I am so glad that I did. This has to be one of my favourite projects and will have pride of place on the wall in my new craft shed.

As for going through the steps on how I made this project I will do my best to give as good an explanation as I can.  This will be very picture heavy.  I began with the two middle pieces of the dragon head, These are the pieces with the tongue that are glued together to form the middle of the mouth/head.

I glued the two pieces together, assembled and glued them into the mount board and worked on them one side at a time. In order to get a textured surface for the mouth I glued on tissue paper. When gluing the paper on to the MDF you need to be aware of how the pieces go together and where the slots and tabs are so that you do not cover any connections with paper.  This will make life much easier when assembling the pieces.

I painted the tongue red and then used a combination of pink and black chalk paint to make the colour for the inside of the mouth.  I then used a textured paper towel to get a skin like texture for the rest of the head and for the protrusions on the bottom of the neck.  I added half pearl gems to the front of the nose and to the horns and sides of the large horn at the back of the head.

I painted the remainder of the head with Lumiere "Brass" paint.  I painted as I went as it seemed it would be much easier than trying to get into tight spaces to paint once everything was all assembled.

Having finished what I could on the middle part of the head I moved on to the two side pieces with the teeth. The protrusions at the bottom of the neck are the most prone to break so be careful when handling this part.  I accidentally broke off one of the protrusions when I was assembling the piece to see how it went together.  I did manage to glue it back on later.

Once I had painted the two side pieces I assembled them on the mount with the middle pieces.  As I added the pieces I went back and added more paper towel to make seamless joins.  I added gems as I went.  I also painted some filigree pieces with green nail polish and bent them to look like scales on the top of the head.

I continued gluing paper towel and painting for the remaining "face pieces", assembling as I went. I made eyes using cabachons and then using the paper towel and tissue paper I molded nostrils and pieces around the eyeballs. I added toothpicks to the "eyebrows".

I used hot glue on the "wings" and head pieces to mark out the lines that were engraved on the MDF.  I then covered them with paper towel before assembling.

Once I was happy with way things looked I finished painting, then I assembled the neck pieces.  I used torn baby wipes to wrap the neck and under the jaw to resemble breastplates.

I finished painting the dragon head then I used a variety of Viva Gold waxes to highlight the texture.  I painted the gems with red nail polish to make them stand out.

I added gems on the mount/Plaque and then inner part  with Verdigris Chalk Paint "Blue Bayou", I glued more half pearl gems on the plaque and after I had painted the plaque I used Art Alchemy "Brushed Iron" wax on the top of the, added some gems and painted the exterior edge with Lumiere "Pewter" paint.

Here is the completed project.

Check out the kit over at Faith's store and have a go at making your own dragon trophy.