Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween Globe

For the second project this October I have made a really cool little Halloween diorama using one of Faith's "globes":  These can be found at   Faith Pocock Craft Studio The "globes" have a surround frame and layers that when put together create a scene and come in various holiday variations.  .

The last panel of the diorama has holes so that lights can be added to the frame. I ued some little LED lights that I had left over from Christmas last year. The chipboard moon with the bats comes from Imagine If NZ.  I painted the moon and glued black tissue on the back behind the bats and then glued it to the board,

For the next panel which sits in front of the panel shown above I painted the trees and the owl, These are part of the MDF panel.  I then added some chipboard toadstools and a bat from Imagine If. The spider and the web are die cuts. I added these to begin building up the scene but the panel looks just as good without the added extras.  I just cannot help myself and I have to keep adding stuff,

This is how it looks with the two layers

For the next layer I added a die cut skeleton, grass and flowers and some chipboard gravestones and a bat from Imagine If. I stamped the roof after I painted it to give the appearance of roof shingles.  I then added some sewing tissue beind the windows and painted them with Mod Podge. When the Mod Podge dries this causes the tissue to become slightly transparent which means that when the lights are turned on the shine can be seen through the windows.

Here are the three layers together showing how the scene is coming together.

For the front panel I added some more diecut grass and flowers and toadstools. I painted the pumpkins which are part of the panel. I added blak tissue paper behind the bads to make them stand out.

I then assembled the whole thing inside the frame.

I painted the frame black and then glued on die cut spiderwebs which I then drybrushed with white paint.  I wanted to put feet on the frame but sould not find anything that worked. In the end I used the caps off some used glue sticks which I painted balck and they worked a treat, 

The on/off switch, battery pack for the lights I mounted on the back of the globe using velcro dots.

This is a super cute project and it can be as simple as painting the panels in the globe or adding more to flesh out the picture as I have.  Check out Faith's website to see the other "globes" she has available, especially the Christmas ones.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Gothic Journals

 These little journals are made using halloween themed frames from Faith Pocock Craft Studio

The covers are made using recycled book covers whihc were then covered in brown paper from shopping bags.  

I painted the covers black then I added lace to the spines, which I then painted with various metallic paints. I coloured the frames using the metallic paints and backed them with some vintage dictionary paper to provide contrast between the frames and the covers,

i then added metal corners to the front cover.  I dyed the papers inside and then bound them into the books using pamphlet stitch.  

These little journals measure 13cm x 9.5cm with a 5cm spine.  There are 5 signatures of tea dyed and hand dyed coloured paper, 120gsm and 100gsm weight,  Each signature has 12 papers per signature,

These are blank journals.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Steampunk Guitar

My second project for September for Faith Pocock Craft Studio  is a sweet little guitar.

I assembled and painted the guitar and then glued lace around the sides.   I glued lace on the top of the guitar and on the frets.

Once I had glued down the lace I then began assembling the cogs, gears and moulds, 

I filled in the gaps with metal embellishments and art stones.  Once I was happy with the arrangement I painted everything the same colour as the base of the guitar.  

Once this paint was dry I them coloured the embellishments and then I dry brushed everything with white gesso to finish.

I hope this project encourages you to get a kit from Faith Pocock Craft Studio and make your own piece of art,

Friday, September 10, 2021

Pen Holders

 My newest project for Faith Pocock Craft Studio is a very simple one.  I took some of her small boxes and made some pen holders.  For the bigger version I glued three of the boxes together.

To cover the large box I cut squares, rectangles and strips of cardboard from a cereal box.  For the rivets glued on split peas along the seams of where the pieces of cardboard overlapped.  For the single box I glued pipe diecuts on all sides. I then used some of Faith's MDF cogs and glued them to the front of the boxes.  Once this was done I painted everything with black gesso and then I drybrushed everything with metallic paint.  

This is a very simple project and the boxes can be decorated using moulds or other items to make a decorative place to store pens and other office essentials,

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Under the Sea Box

 This month I have used one of Faith's kits to make an Under the Sea Chest.  I used molds to decorate the chest, and various paints and waxes.

Here is the basic kit before decorating.

Sides before painting.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Steampunk Storage

 This project is a combination of two kits from Faith Pocock Craft Studio.  The base is one of Faith's book boxes containing a drawer and the other is a small set of shelves. 

These are the two bare units before I began to decorate them.

I painted the pieces with ivory chalkpaint. On the shelves I stencilled a design using grey chalkpaint. I then used a wash of burnt umber paint over the top.  I edged the pieces with black chalkpaint and then sealed everything with a topcoat of varnish. On the sides of the shelves i used modelling paste through the same stencil I had used on the inside shelves.  For the base I glued on four cotton reels for feet (everything looks cuter with feet) and painted the inside of the drawers with ivory chalk paint.

Using the same stencil I had used on the sides of the shelves I stencilled the top of the book cover and the front of the drawer.  I then painted everything with white ivory chalk paint and then used the same paint colours I had used on the shelves to build up the colour.  

I glued the shelves to the book cover.

I then used Finnabair moulds to make some resin pieces to decorate the unit.  I painted all of the resin pieces with blue chalk paint, then drybrushed all of the pieces with the ivory chalkpaint.  To finish the pieces I added some Finnabair rust paste.

I really enjoyed this project.  It shows the versatility of Faith's kits that they can be combined to make something new.