Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Steampunk book box and book

 For this project I combined gorgeous steampunk pieces from Faith Pocock Craft Studio with recycled book covers to make a journal and a book box to hold the journal. 

For the book itself I made some faux leather using brown paper packaging. I covered the front and back covers with the faux leather and used calico on the spine.  I then used Gel medium in moulds to make steampunk pieces for the front and back cover.

I constructed the box, cutting out circles so I could insert some of Faith's MDF cogs into the holes. For the top of the box I constructed a frame because I wanted to be able to see the book when it was inside the box.

I painted the MDF steampunk components with black gesso.

I layered the steampunk components on top of the box frame and hinged the frame using calico.

I used gel medium moulds around the top of the frame.

I then "rusted" everything using paint, texture paste and cinnamon powder.

The book has eight signatures containingg coffee dyed papers and map pages. The signatures are bound using a corset stitch.


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