Monday, August 6, 2018

Gothic Book Box and Book

This project began as a plain paper mache book box.  The theme for the Imagine If stand at SENZ this year was books.  Jo sent out a box and we agreed that my theme would be "Gothic".  This project had me stupmped for quite a while but in the end I came up with a concept and ran with it. Here is the front of the completed project.  

To begin with I painted the whole box with black gesso and then I covered the front of the box with white crackle paste.    I then played with green and blue paint and DecoArt Quinacridone Gold over the whole box. I used black embossing paste on the front cover and once that was dry I added various paper clay pieces made using the IO moulds. The skull is a plastic one that I picked up from Spotlight and I used Powertex and a croicheted doily to put around the skull.  I also used the large and small balls from Powertex to add texture to the doily and around the paperlcay pieces.  I painted the paperclay with black gesso then I used Viva Gold and DecoARt pastes to give them an tarnished tinge.  I also used DecoArt Quinacridone gold around the paperclay pieces to tie them into the rest of the cover.

For the back and the spine I used silicone lace made using a lace mould and added more paperclay pieces painting them using the same paints I used for the front.

On the side of the book I used white modelling paste and dragged a fork through it to stimulate pages.  I used vintage paper distress stain to give it an aged appearance.

On the inside of the box I used some beautiful papers that I downloaded from OriginsDigitalCurio at Etsy. I also used an image from a calender by Victoria Frances. Over the image I painted crackle glaze and then I stencilled some black embossing paste to match the cover and used the same paints that I used on the book box to tie it all together.  I also added some silicone feathers.

Once the box was completed I then made a book to go inside the box,  Again I used an image from the calendar by victoria Frances and distressed it and added paperclay elements.  I hand dyed the paper inside and ripped the paper to give it an old worlde look. For the spine I again used paperclay pieces from the IO moulds and then I added a cabachon and some beads to hang from the top of the spine.  I used a hidden binding to sew the signatures into the book.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Grunge Dreamcatcher

Here is a project that I designed for a class I am teaching at SENZ this year.  The dreamcatcher is primarily made of chipboard and metal embellishments from Imagine If NZ  

I am entering this project into the challenge over at SanDee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenge

Monday, June 11, 2018

More Dyeing

Had some fun this morning eco dyeing using autumn leaves and iron mordant and also tried my hand at rusting paper.  Love the results. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dyed Paper

I have made a small coptic bound bound using some of the paper that I had dyed previously. I covered the book with some of my eco dyed paper.

 I have also been dyeing more paper using my doilies and shelf liners to create patterns on the paper.

Then with the leftover dye liquid I coloured paper bags and other paper that I had to hand.

I have also been experimenting with dyeing paper using food colouring.  Here are the results, gorgeous vibrant papers.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Mega Trading Cards Swap

Here are the altered cards I made for a Mega Card Swap I was part of in 2016.
These are the "Fours"

This is the "Seven"

These are the "Nines"

These are the "Tens"