Thursday, September 17, 2020

More Books

This little book measures 12cm x 9cm with a 5 1/2 cm spine.  It has 5 signatures, made up of offcuts of scrapbook paper with an Anzac theme and plain white heavy photo copy paper.  Because I have used offcuts the pages vary in size and there are 12 pieces of paper in each signature. The cover is calico that has been painted with chalk paint, then stamped with a texture stamp.  The chipboard has been painted with white crackle glaze.


The second book is a Christmas Book. This measures 16cm x 12cm and the spine is 8cm wide. It has 8 signatures sewn in with pamphlet stitch. Each signature has 9 sheets of paper consisting of, scrapbook paper, lined paper, white copy paper, with various pockets, tags, tucks, stickers throughout the book.  There is lots of room for writing and journalling.

The cover is made from recycled packaging and covered with calico which has been painted with chalk paint.

The third book is a little pirate book. Again this is made from recycled packaging and measures 16cm x 11cn. The spine is 4cm wide and has 5 signatures.  The spine is covered with embossed and coloured cardstock and the front and back cover are covered with paper  a couple of diecuts and some pirate coins.