Sunday, November 9, 2014

Imagine If - Gothic Sleigh

The project for this week for Imagine if  was a lovely MDF sleigh.  Some of the Design Team made their sleighs for last weeks blog post. You can check these out at Imagine If blog.
The girls have done an amazing job with these little sleighs and I am looking forward to see what the rest of the Design Team do with them this week starting with Tash then following on with Beth. You can find the next step on Beth's blog.  I made a comment to Jo this week that It feels like my dark mojo has disappeared.  Boy was I wrong.  The more I thought about the sleigh and the more I thought what I could differently the more the idea of a Gothic theme began to take hold.  So here is my gothic sleigh.

To begin I painted the pieces of the sleigh black, then I painted them with a dark red that I mixed using black and red acrylic paint.

I took a packet of chipboard Christmas Candles from Imagine If and painted them with the same paint.  I layered the paint on thickly to give the appearance of dripping wax.

I then cut up a red Christmas ornament and glued it to the inside back of the sleigh seat. I also added a little black spider.
I then took an Ornate frame which I painted black and cut in half.
I then glued a bat, a spider and a red rose on to each piece.

These were then glued to each side of the sleigh.

For the back of the seat I glued on the candles and part of a skeleton with bat wings. 

I painted up a couple of chipboard bows from the Present Time packet and glued them to the ends of the frame where I had already glued a candle and added a dark blue flower from Imagine If's range of paper flowers.

I made my little rats using plastic rats from toys found in my local supermarket over Halloween.  I glued metal wings to each one and added part of a clasp and a jump ring to the necks so that I could add the chains holding them together.
Using some of Imagine If's Halloween set I covered the gravestones with tissue paper and black gesso.  When that was dry I dry brushed white paint over the top to give the look of stone.

I wanted a little lantern for the hand to hold so I took the top of a chipboard birdcage that I had left over from another project, painted it black and wrapped it around, gluing it at the front. I put another of the chipboard candles inside.

For the Skeleton Santa I used a skeleton from a Halloween set sold at Spotlight.  I covered him in red cheesecloth added crystals for eyes and glued him into the sleigh.
For the base I used an old plaque that I recycled. I painted it black then used crackle coat and a layer of the red paint I had used on the sleigh.  In the middle I used white gesso and tissue to create the illusion of snow on the ground. 

I then added the gravestone and the arm, then the rest of the pieces to complete the project.

I connected the rats using pieces of chain and added the lantern to the hand on the gravestone.
Imagine If products used
I have entered this project into the challenge over at the  Left of Centre Creative challenge blog


  1. very spooky, but brilliantly created, great imagination as usual

  2. OMG, I love this! Uber creative, especially the little rats with wings. FABULOUS! xxD

  3. Wow, what an amazing creation! So many fabulous little details, a fun Creepmas project. Thanks for sharing with us over at LOC.