Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Stocking

For this weeks Design Team project for Imagine If Jo gave us a plain burlap Christmas stocking and we were told to surprise her.  As a bit of fun Jo asked everyone to predict what the other Design Team members would be doing with their stockings.  So here are the predications made about my stocking:

Jo:  tricky - traditional with a dark underlying theme, very grungy.
Beth: layered and altered
Brenda: mixed media - grungy
Katrina:   with her outside the box thinking I would be surprised if its still a stocking :)
Carol: could be anything she puts her mind to
Lilian: something from the darkside

and here are my predictions for the rest of the Design Team:

Lillian very soft, lacy and pretty     
Tash flowers, lace, ribbon and beads
Beth stencilled, painted country chic
Brenda srong colours bold lines
Carol snow, glitter traditional
Katrina traditional, sewing, muted colours

Check out the Design Team blogs to see who got it right.

So to begin:

Here is the burlap stocking in all of its naked glory. There are so many possibilities and so many ways to decorate it. 

I then dipped the stocking in Pavepol and using a cardboard tube inside the stocking shaped it into a boot shape and painted it with white and red acrylic paint.

I wanted it kind of rustic looking so I left the edges as they were.  Because it was looking a bit bare I took some $2 shop ornaments and bows and glued them together

and then I added another bow to some white ribbon to put on the back of the boot.

I then added the ornaments to the sides of the boot and the bow at the back.

After adding the embellishments the front looked a little bare so I took a couple of the Imagine If felt stockings and added those the front along with the leftover ribbon and another bow.

I then decided that I wanted a lid on my stocking to open on Christmas Day to see what goodies were inside so I took a round wooden coaster and glued on a piece of crochet doily. I then covered this with white gesso and I also painted up an old drawer knob.

I put them all together to make the lid.  Here is the finished project:

Still lots of room inside for little Christmas goodies but a slightly different take on the traditional stocking. To be fair to the Design Team I had actually started work on this project before they made their predictions so who came closest to predicting the finished project.

If you have come from Beth's blog follow on by checking out Tash's creation on her blog and check out how accurate each prediction was.


  1. very clever work, and not a hint of darkness

    1. I know right and I had it planned before everyone put their predictions in, a girl can't stay on the darkside forever

  2. You really are so clever and think so outside the box! I love the little lid.

    1. Thanks Beth I do try to do things that other don't expect just to keep things interesting

  3. What a neat idea and you have carried it out so adoringly. I might use pavepol with mine now I've seen yours. Awesome

    1. Good luck Glennis I am glad I have inspired you to try something different.