Monday, February 8, 2016

Twilight Angel

I have been having a play with the torso and wings from Imagine If. Earlier in the year I used the torso and a set of fairy wings.  This time I wanted to use the angel wings and make a "pretty" angel.  So I pulled out my lace and doilies and flowers and here is the finished result.

Here are the bare PDF pieces I used

As with my Steampunk Faerie I needed to give my torso some shape in the form of breasts.
Using chipboard circles I formed the breasts and attached them using glue and masking tape.

I then took a few pieces of textured lace, a couple of croceheted doilies and a pieces of ruffled lace, dipped them in black Powertex and draped them over the torso.  I had a piece of heavily textured lace that I used as a belt across the waist.  I draped the lace and doily on the skirt on an angle to reflect the underlying shape of the torso and to give the piece some visual interest.  If you do not have Powertex or Paverpol then you can use fabric stiffener and once it is dry paint the whole thing with black gesso, allowing it to dry before adding the colour.

I wanted to create some texture on the wings that imitated feathers. So I took a fine chiffon scarf and dipped it in the black Powertex and gathered and manipulated it on the wings. I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

I then dipped some fabric flowers into the Powertex and attached them to the waist adding beads and pieces of recycled jewellery to the waist and neck areas.

Once everything had dried I drybrushed the whole thing with mica powders mixed with gel medium and Inka Gold pastes. I added some glitter to the flowers and the piece was finished.

This was such a lovely piece to make. Head over to the Imagine If website to order a set for yourself, get creative and have fun. 


  1. Your fairy is amazing!! I can't believe it started of as flat pieces. So much texture and detail <3