Sunday, October 9, 2016

Angel Emergent

Finally I have had time to have a play and I have altered another paper mache mannequin.  I love making these they are so much fun and they always seem to take off in their own direction taking on a life of their own.

To begin I painted a paper mache mannequin form with black gesso.  I then glued gear diecuts randomly on to the body and then framed them with recycled zippers.  Once dry I drybrushed the gears with copper Lumiere paint.  I then mixed pumice gel with texture past and black paint and then used it cover the rest of the body.

I wanted the effect of the mannequin being trapped in stone, so I used black Powertex and calico which I draped around the lower body. 

To add to the stone illusion I added some Powertex Stona art and once it was dry I dry brushed the whole thing with a mixture of grey and silver metallic paint.

While the body was drying I made a pair of wings.  These were made using a wire armature and masking tape and tissue paper. I layered gear diecuts over the wings then painted them black, then painted them with Quinacridone Gold paint.  Once dry I drybrushed them with copper Lumiere paint, added a little rusty paper and then a hint of Ferro gold paint.  I glued zippers to the "veins" in the wings which I think gives them an awesome look. 

I then painted the torso with Lumiere pewter paint and attached the wings.  I used Powertex Flex on the bottom of the torso and then painted it with various acryclic paints and added some Glass glitter to give it a bit of sparkle.  The concept is the angel emerging from the hot melted stone.

I added a crocheted doily dipped in Powertex and then drybrushed with metallic paint.

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