Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dyed Paper

I have made a small coptic bound bound using some of the paper that I had dyed previously. I covered the book with some of my eco dyed paper.

 I have also been dyeing more paper using my doilies and shelf liners to create patterns on the paper.

Then with the leftover dye liquid I coloured paper bags and other paper that I had to hand.

I have also been experimenting with dyeing paper using food colouring.  Here are the results, gorgeous vibrant papers.


  1. So much yumminess! I love the doily papers. Do you use paper doilies or old crochet / tatting ones? I guess you could use strips of lace too.... here I am in Dunedin suddenly wanting to go straight home to start dying....

  2. Hi Cally, I use the crocheted/tatted doilies and I am sure lace will work. The shelf liners are synthetic so anything that will resist the dye should work.