Thursday, May 3, 2018

Puzzle Book

On the facebook page Crafting Handmade Books with Vintage Page Designs the vApril challenge was to create a book using recycled and unusual items.  I had some childrens puzzles that were missing pieces but because I felt I might have a use for them I had not thrown them away.  So I decided to use the puazzles to make a book.  I glued the remaining puzzle pieces to the puzzle then I cut it in half to make the front and back covers. 

In the spaces where the puzzle pieces were missing I painted the background red and then glued in some word tiles and pen nib. I then filled the cavity with glossy accents.

I made a spine from book board and I covered it with painted Kraftex and covered the edges with washi tape.  When I sewed in the signatures I sewed puzzle pieces on to the spine.

For the inside covers I cut up another puzzle board without the puzzle pieces and painted them.  I then added a couple of puzzle pieces onto the board in their original positions.

 The signatures are made from watercolour and wet cartridge paper.  There are nine signatures comprising seven pages and the signatures have been sewn in using pamphlet stitch.

This was a fun book to make and I plan to make more.

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